Rotary Strobe Lights ECCO 6570

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Rotary Strobe Lights ECCO 6570

Strobe lights ECCO 6570 Red 12V - 48V

Sell ​​Strobe Lights ECCO type 6570 size 6 inch 12V - 48V DC is available in red, blue, and yellow. Often used for car truck, tronton, heavy equipment and mining

Traffic conditions while dark can lead to an accident. Because visibility in dark conditions the vehicle driver will be shorter. Therefore, to avoid accidents on the road haul coal mines or on the road, they invented a traffic laws that specifically regulate traffic flow in the area of ​​vehicles crossing the road at the mine site.

Rotary light color can also distinguish the types of vehicles that operate at the time. The use of the rotary lamp color code differences are as follows:

1. Red colored lights rotary digunakam on Emergency vehicles such as Ambulance and Fire Truck
2. Yellow colored rotary lights used on all types of vehicles other than emergency vehicles
3. 2 pieces of colored rotary light blue and yellow used on heavy vehicles slowly, for example Kompacktor and Water Tank
4. Especially for the operational unit Trailler transporting coal, can be divided into yellow light 1 piece for a single mobile system and a yellow light 2 pieces for double trailer.

Rotary lamp ignition time is at the moment: Weather cloudy, foggy weather and time of day at dusk until the morning, or between the hours of 17:00 to 08:00. At times like the above conditions, the vehicles passing the coal haul road or pass through the mine is required to turn on the lights rotary.

Furthermore, it is expected all the drivers know and understand the function of the rotary lamp. Then, in an effort to prevent collisions at night or during cloudy weather collisions or foggy, then ignite the rotary lamp in your vehicle when the road through the area mentioned above. But we are also urged to immediately turn off the lights rotary back, when your vehicle out of the lead mining area or passing through the public roads in urban areas.

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